Healing Addiction
Through God's Love

We Provide a Faith-Based Approach to Recovery

Person Centered Philosophy

Our primary purpose is helping God’s love to heal addicted men.

Every policy, decision, and activity of SOZO Addiction Recovery Center is designed to maximize the opportunity for each client resident to reach his full potential in sobriety and spiritual growth. This can only be accomplished by putting the needs and well-being of each resident above all other considerations.

The goal of operating under this philosophy produces the finest care possible for the client and the most satisfying work environment for our God-centered staff who understand and believe in carrying out their daily duties under the over-arching practice of Servant Leadership.

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    Located in Jessieville Arkansas. 5 miles north of the West Gate of Hot Springs Village on Highway 7, then down Highway 298 to Nathan Terrace.

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    Our clients enjoy a campus that in a unique way inspires confidence in themselves, their connection with God, and in effective faith based healing.

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    Yesterday an Honors group of nurses from National Park College came to SOZO to give a class on the prevention of diabetes. Addict/alcoholics are a high-risk group for diabetes. The nursing team provided hand-outs regarding healthy meal planning. The SOZO men were most interested and appreciative of this wonderful community spirit from NPC. Bob O’Dowd, Executive Director

    Why some New Year’s resolutions to stop drinking/drugging don’t work

    Why some New Year’s resolutions to stop drinking/drugging don’t work

    As Executive Director of SOZO Addiction Recovery Center, and a recovering alcoholic myself, i have seen thousands of failed resolutions to stop the addictive use of alcohol and/or drugs. Every single failed resolution had two critical shortcomings:   The resolution was made in the solitude of the addict/alcoholic’s mind and There was no program of recovery that followed the resolution. Those of us who have achieved recovery from addiction have learned that stopping substance abuse is a “we process”. None of us made it alone. To help increase your chances that your 2022 resolution to quit drinking/drugging has every chance to succeed, give SOZO Addiction Recovery Center a call to talk to a friendly staff member in confidence about finding a sober lifestyle that is happy, joyous and free. 2022 can be your greatest year yet! Bob O’Dowd, Executive Director



    We have a saying at SOZO that goes, “The most important client is the next one”. This works for us in many ways. First, it reminds all of the staff and clients to be especially kind and caring to the “new man”. Secondly, it says to the new man, “you’ve got 15 minutes of fame and then it’s your turn to help the next new man”. Most addiction treatment centers are very slow in December because clients want to “celebrate” the holidays at home. But, at SOZO, we are brimming over with grateful clients who are enjoying the kind of Christmas holiday that they have never seen before. Christmas songfests at various churches in hot springs village, Christmas pageants, Christian music concerts, holiday dinners provided by members of the Village Church of Christ, and so much more. And, all the while, attending spiritually based classes and individual sessions that unlock "CHRISTMASTIME AT SOZO"

    Step 12 – Service – Principled Recovery Series

    STEP 12 Service “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” This final step encourages people in recovery to help others in their recovery as well. It’s common for recovering clients to go on to sponsor others once they themselves have completed the 12 steps. By giving away the gift of recovery, they are better able to keep it themselves. The spiritual principles behind this step are love and service. A SOZO Client’s Point of View:  “Since becoming involved with spiritual recovery at SOZO, I had always appreciated thinking of Jesus as a “servant leader”. I respected managers in business who saw their roles as being of service to those they supervised. So, the concept of service was not new to me. However, until I reached SOZO, I never thought "Step 12 – Service – Principled Recovery Series"

    Healing Addiction Through God’s Love

    243 Nathan TerJessieville, AR 71949

    Healing Addiction Through God’s Love

    243 Nathan TerJessieville, AR 71949

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