Client Records

Each client’s records are kept in their personal and confidential three-ring binder, which is stored under lock and key. The information contained in this binder is organized under the following tabbed sections: Intake, Medical, Mentoring, Confidential, Staff Notes, Drug Screens and Misc. The documents contained in the Clients Chart/Binder are:


  • Screening Information
  • Resident’s Agreement to Comply with Program Guidelines
  • Admission Agreement
  • Informed Consent to Receive Recovery Services
  • Record of Drug Use History
  • Medical Admit Note
  • Addiction Severity Index
  • Drug Test Results
  • Personal Safety Plan
  • Authorization For Release of Information
  • Confidentiality of Client Records Statement
  • Client’s Rights to Privacy Statement
  • Visitation Guidelines
  • Emergency Plan
  • Mentoring Plan & Progress Report
  • Stages of Mentoring Development
  • Letter of Financial Agreement
  • Record of Client’s Payment of Fees