Outpatient Treatment

At SOZO, our outpatient treatment is sometimes referred to as “Transitional Living” because the client is transitioning from residential care, on through to outpatient care, while living on campus and preparing to reenter society.

For those men who have jobs during this phase of recovery, their weekly amount of faith-based and addiction/recovery services received is 15-17 hours per week.  By law, a program must offer four hours per week of addiction studies to be designated and “Outpatient Program”.   The overwhelming majority of facilities only offer that four hour minimum of services.

The individual resident’s outpatient program is designed around the resident’s on and off-campus schedule.

When on campus, all residents are required to attend any and all classes that are going on at that time.  Unlike typical “Chem Free” or “Transitional Living” houses, everything that residents do at SOZO is geared to achieve and maintain sobriety and full recovery from the client’s substance addiction.  No one is excused from any ongoing group or class.

Following two to three months in residential treatment (Intensive Care) the typical duration of the SOZO outpatient treatment program is another four months.  As long as a client remains on campus, he is considered an “Outpatient Resident” and is expected to participate fully in all suggested recovery activities.