Residential Treatment

At SOZO Recovery Center, residential treatment is often referred to as “intensive care” or “recovery boot camp” because residents receive 63 hours per week of addiction studies and faith-based activities such as daily Bible study, worship services and a class at church on Wednesday nights that is specially designed for SOZO residents and those who wish to support them.  One month at SOZO is equivalent to two and a half to three months in a conventional program.

Residents stay in residential treatment for two-three months.  In the first two months there are no weekend passes and cell phones are not allowed in the first month.  We have a blend of court-remanded clients and those who self-admit.

SOZO has a host of volunteers from both the church as well as local A.A. groups.  We go off campus to church, A.A. meetings, Celebrate Recovery meetings and N.A. meetings.  The SOZO men often volunteer to do community service such as serving Thanksgiving dinner at Samaritan Ministries, etc.  Each resident obtains an A.A. sponsor in their first days in treatment.

All groups are conducted in therapy-like group discussions.  There are no lecture classes at SOZO.  We work hard at creating an environment that supports the belief that “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.