Are You An Alcoholic/Addict?

(Adapted from the A.A. pamphlet, “Is A.A. For Me?”

Answer each of the following questions “yes” or “no”

“Yes” Answers will tell you if SOZO is right for you.

  1. Have I tried to stop drinking/using for a week but could not do it?     Yes_____ No_____
  2. Have I wished people would stop talking about my drinking/using?  Yes_____No_____
  3. Have I changed drinks/drugs to try to not get drunk or high?  Yes_____No_____
  4. Do I ever need a drink or drug to get going in the morning?  Yes_____No_____
  5. Do I envy people who can drink/use without getting into trouble?  Yes_____No_____
  6. Does my drinking/drugging cause problems at home?  Yes_____No_____
  7. Does my drinking/drugging cause problems with other people?  Yes_____No_____
  8. Do I try to get extra drinks?  Yes_____No_____
  9. Have I tried to stop drinking/drugging but still got drunk/high?  Yes_____No_____
  10. Have I missed work or cut school because of drinking/using?  Yes_____No_____
  11. Do I have blackouts  –  times I cannot remember?  Yes_____No_____
  12. Would my life be better if I quit drinking/drugging?  Yes_____No_____

We Can Help!

SOZO Recovery Center is a faith based long term recovery center for adult males who suffer from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, including prescription pain medications.  Our highly successful program is a blend of Christian principles and lifestyle, combined with the time tested 12 step model of recovery first introduced by the worldwide Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The SOZO Recovery Center campus is located at 243 Nathan Terrace in Jessieville, Arkansas.  Please call 501-984-5317 for further information.